Discover Zadar

Our site is currently in progress, so please come back soon and discover the town of Zadar and riviera.

Zadar is the biggest centre in Northern Dalmatia. Located in the part of the Adriatic with the most indented coastline and in the immediate vicinity of the Paklenica, Krka and Kornati national parks, and the Velebit and Telaščića nature parks, it is an excellent base and starting point for unforgettable outings into the surroundings. Its old centre, located on a peninsula which goes back into the deep blue of the sea, will delight you with its stone streets which speak of the long history of this town. The romanesque church of Saint Donatius takes you to the 9th century, the Roman forum to the 1st century, the cathedral of Saint Anastasia to the 4th or 5th century, while the Archaeological museum will take you through the whole history of the town. The Narodni square is the town’s main square and it is surrounded by the county palace, the chapel of Saint Lovre from the 11th century, the town hall with its tower which holds a beautiful 18th century clock and the loggia which today serves as an exhibition pavilion. So as to defend itself from the Turkish invasions, in the 16th century, the town was fortified with strong walls, of which a large part have been preserved until today. On the southern end of the wall, the Museum of Antique Glass was opened recently, with its extremely interesting exhibition of decorated glass and glass utensils. In the evening when you are tired of wandering through the town streets and when the sun moves towards its beginning, wander along the waterfront. Sit by the coast and enjoy the unique music of the Sea organ, whose 35 tubes positioned in the water are hammered by waves, creating their endless rhythm of unrepeatable compositions. Recently one more attraction was placed here – The Greeting to the Sun –  an installation of a solar module built into the stone which cover the waterfront, during the day soaks up the sun and in the evening creates beautiful lighting effects. The night life is situated along the whole length of the town. On the town walls, the Arsenal and Garden clubs organise different events and festivals, while on the main square in the summer there are scheduled different musical and theatrical events. Saint Donatius and the Forum are places where musical evenings are held. In „The Night of the Full Moon“, in July, the party lasts until dawn. In some of the large number of Zadar restaurants try the local specialities, and don’t forget to try the highly regarded Maraskino liquer. This unique drink from the 19th century was popular with the European nobility, and in Zadar was manufactured since 1821.